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Saunders Construction and Norwood Development Group joined forces to create a construction company focused solely on the Pikes Peak Region. This long-term partnership creates a pioneering approach to serve this region’s distinct needs with a commitment to build what matters and deliver an exceptional experience for all stakeholders. The construction company — Saunders Norwood Construction — strategically aligns both partners by combining Saunders’ diverse, high-quality construction expertise with Norwood’s high-caliber, community-forward focus and developments.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Saunders Norwood offers construction management, general contracting and design-build services for commercial, institutional, education, healthcare, municipal, non-profit, infrastructure, and residential projects, aligning with Saunders’ corporate experience and portfolio. This partnership builds upon Saunders’ 30-year history of successful projects in the Pikes Peak Region — totaling over 2 million square feet.

Saunders Norwood provides construction services for local private, public, institutional, and non-profit clientele as well as select Norwood projects. Saunders Norwood will be uniquely positioned to offer the Pikes Peak Region the best of two worlds: critical access to expertise required for sustained growth with a deep understanding of the region’s local needs.

A New Industry Paradigm

The Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region is poised for continued growth providing significant opportunities for smart, sustainable, and community-centered projects. This integrated and efficient approach to construction services realizes better outcomes and an enjoyable journey for all stakeholders.

“We expect the new company to have a positive impact for our community, projects and employees, critically supporting the city’s growth demands with smart, quality construction services. Saunders Norwood Construction furthers our enduring commitment to the Pikes Peak Region and our core development business while leveraging the construction expertise of Saunders.”
– Chris Jenkins, President and CEO of Norwood Development Group

“When Norwood and Saunders began discussing this unique opportunity, we started with community and purpose and quickly recognized our two organizations have aligned visions and values as well as tenacity to get things done the right way. Saunders Norwood Construction is here for the long term, and I’m thrilled see us build what matters throughout the Pikes Peak region.”
– Justin Cooper, President of Saunders Construction

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